Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pirate vs Legit Copy (which is better?)

Warning: The Diagram which you're about to see might affect your outlook in life PERMANENTLY... if you have a collection of Original DVDs please close this window now and avoid realizing the sad truth. Thank you.

Ain't it true?

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

BAD NEWS for PSP GO owners, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep only on UMD

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep will not be released on the PSP GO!

As confirmed from Kotaku.com, and Square Enix themselves. The game Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep will only be released on UMD. And will not be available in Playstation network where PSP GO owners can only get their games from.

Oh well, more reason to hate the PSP go, more reason to love my PSP 1000 haha..

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Funny: Dog Bites Teenager on the Crotch

Just like the video title says, it's a funny video of a teenage boy getting bitten on the crotch by a dog. Enjoy.

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Barely Political: Ke$ha and Twitter Parody

I found a couple awesome parodies from Barely Political (the satire group on Youtube that used to have Obama girl) that I needed to post on the blog. The first one is about Ke$ha's intervention:

The second video is about the worthlessness of Twitter as a social media outlet:

I think that the Kesha parody is better than the actual song. The Twitter parody is also pretty good.

Here is my obligatory cute girl to keep my viewers interested (and to provide a cool thumbnail).

Campus Cute Girl
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Five Random Images of Hot Non Nude Girls


Tasteful and not sleazy sexy girl
Since these types of entries end up accounting for nearly 2/3 of my traffic historically, I decided to do another one. Don't worry -- I'm a blogger, not a pornographer: no images of nude girls here. Just for the sake of SEO, I probably should keep repeating that phrase, but I don't want to keep talking about nude girls or non nude girls or girls who wear watermelon shells on their heads. Non nude girls:

1.  Sexy girl from Youtube

Sexy Youtube Girl -- would you watch her channel?

 2. Random Hot Asian Girl

Cute Asian Girl - I Like The Skirt

3.  Hot Female Sports Fan:

Hot Girl Sports Fan - Go Team!

4.  Hot Fresh Faced Sexy Girl

Cute Faced Girl with Necklace

 5.  Cute Latina Girl on Stairs

Cute Latina Girl Waiting on Stairs

Well, I hope that these pics made all of the guys (and possible lesbians) days brighter. I had to look hard to find pictures even this clean and tasteful. I know this will generate huge amounts of traffic in about a month or so. Somehow, I still feel dirty . . .

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Selling my tweets on Ebay

I had the bright idea a few weeks ago that I would get rich by selling tweets on my Twitter account on Ebay. After all, I reasoned, I have two active Twitter accounts, one with about 4,000 followers and one with about 2,000 followers. So, I decided to put up an ad and see what would happen.

 I thought that my estimated 5,000-6,000 followers would count for something, 1$, 2$, maybe even 5$ or more. I even had dreams of starting a bidding war where the attention of my thousands of loyal fans could command top dollar and I could retire from my day job and get rich off the fame that my month or so of aggressive following on Twitter has brought me.

Except, it didn't happen.

Days passed, and the end of the three day deadline neared. I fully expected to to have some bids on my item, some indication that a person besides me thought that tweeting was worth something in life.

And then it came: a buyer purchased my tweet. The final selling price?

5 cents.


So, if you've ever wondered what your tweets are worth to the larger world outside of Twitter, I could answer this in two words.

Almost nothing.

Twitter sucks.

Hot Ebay Girl

P.S. Tweets are so worthless apparently that the buyer never even sent me a tweet to send out to my followers -- he just paid me the 5 cents. I'm pretty sure the guy either bought it as a joke or as a mistake.

Think of this story next time you're bragging about how many followers you have on Twitter.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stupid News Stories in the United States Replacing Real News from Other Countries

Fox News ChannelImage via Wikipedia

Too often, news stories from other countries are ignored in by the United State. Take this hostage situation from the Philippines where 8 people died as an example. If I remember correctly, the Philippines story had a shelf life of about 4 hours and was quickly replaced by some sort of crap about John McCain's reelection or Sarah Palin -- the political pseudo celebrities forced upon the American public by Fox News and friends. Note that I would complain about the left's pseudo celebrities too, except they're not in the spotlight as much lately. 

I think that a lot of this comes with the rise of the 24 hour news channel. Before, news stations had to cram all of their news into a 30 minute TV nightly news program, so they had to be a bit more selective and report real news. Now, it's almost the opposite effect. News stations can't afford to be selective because they have to run something, so news stations keep running stories, no matter how tiring or trite.

What do you think about the news situation inside the United States? Am I being too harsh, or am I on target?

Maria Venus Raj (impersonator): A Philippina hottie!

Maria Venus Raj

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Mayhem in Manila - Tourist Bus Hostage Taking

Don't go blaming our Asian Neighbors for hating us, after the bloody ending of the Tourist Bus Hostage taking in Manila (Quirino Grandstand) last monday, August 23, 2010, we still find it amusing to do this at the crime scene...

Caption: Check it out girls, we're way cooler! Mas malapit kmi sa bus.

Let's just hope (for your sake) that the souls of the recently departed didn't follow you home.

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