Monday, February 23, 2009

THSK - Survivor PV

credit: YT-farahyuchun
kluar juga ni PV hehehehhe..mereka garang2..hehehehehe..
tapi kangen juga ma mv2 mereka yg balad2 ma slow2..
tapi nih mv ga mengecewakan..hehehehe

Saturday, February 21, 2009

XIAHTIC @mirotic concert

credit: YT-AhMiG0

wha!!!!gila!!!!ini video..XIAHTIC Kren bgt!!!
key juga nongol di ampir ahir2...hohoho..meskipun sebentar key nongol tapi suer ni keren bgt...

mirotic concert-yoochun love by love

credit: YT-DBSKnights33

Thursday, February 19, 2009

XIAHTIC and Mirotic Acoustic Version

Dong Bang Shin Ki's Xiah Junsu will make a special performance at their third asia tour concert along with SHinee's Key.

From the 20th to the 22nd, for three days Xiah Junsu at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium, Dong Bang Shin Ki’s THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCER-MIROTIC Xiah Junsu will do his first solo performance called XIAHTIC

XIAHTIC is a dance song that Xiah Junsu personally made for this concert. The song has, of course, a strong beat and a gorgeous dance performance that makes it a very distinguished song.

Also the rap sections in XIAHTIC will be done by Shinee’s Key who is also a special guest for the performance. They will work together perfectly to create public project.

On another note Dong Bang Shin Ki THE 3RD ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC commemoration t-shirts, cookie sets, phone straps, and stamp sets of many variety and official products will be released at the concert. It should be a variety of fun for the audiences who are attending the highly anticipated event.

Also, Wheesung and Lyn are going to perform Mirotic's acoustic version and Wonder Girl's So Hot R&B version on his (Wheesung) Mini concert.

credit to : Fangirlmitz

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shinee : Nanas'B CF

ini iklan kosmetik yg dibintangi ma ank2 shinee
hohoho..gila!!!minho!!!ampe cium2 segala..
untung bukan jonghyun..hohohoho


this is a new japan single from DBSK

credit: Youtube-Xxsmile4everxX

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SM Town Concert 2009

credit:as tagged+baidu

caps from SM town concert in Thai
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

to be continued...

Yunho as Top 10 Most LIkeable Men in 2008

[NEWS]Korean Gays Chose Yunho as Top 10 Most LIkeable Men in 2008

U-Know Yunho (vocalist), which is in number 10, is considered as the highest rank among other singers (T/N: which I assume the top 9 are non singers).
Together with Super Junior’s member Kang In they’re chosen as “Mature Idol” among charismatic men.

It’s also possible that many people likes his cute image before he did dental surgery.

Credits: DAUM + Hobbs + Mr.TVXQ +
Translated by: sharingyoochun@wp
Shared by: xietinloveshero

comment:gile..ini uri leader mang keren bgt!!!hahahahaha..
pecintanya dari semua kalangan ga cuma cewek doang..hohoho
HwAitting YUno Oppa

TVXQ confirmed appearance on 18th Seoul Gayo Daesang

TVXQ confirmed appearance on 18th Seoul Gayo Daesang

The 18th Seoul Gayo Daesang Awards will be held on the 12th of February, 5pm. 14 top groups/singers such as Wonder Girls, TVXQ, Big Bang, Jewelry, Park Ji-yoon, Kim Jong Kook, Son Dam Bi, Park Hyun Bin and 2PM will be battling it out for the prestigious award.
The awards will be presented to the best singers based on various criteria such as album sales, popularity, professional judging and mobile voting to decide on the country’s most popular group and singer.

Source: DNBN + TVXQの国度_M@baidu
Translations by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero
Credit:DBSK crunchyroll

Monday, February 9, 2009

shinee love like oxygen and martin hedegaard-show the world

shinee-love like oxygen

martin hedegaard-show the world
*see in You tube*

ini lagunya emang sama, lagu asli ini punya martin hedegaard trz didaur ulang ma shinee dgn judul yg beda..hohoho

Sunday, February 8, 2009

U-know Yunho Is going compulsory military service in Korea??

Leader U-know Yunho from TVXQ is going to render compulsory military service in Korea??

According to a lot of fan sites, Leader U-know Yunho from TVXQ has received a letter requesting him to render compulsory military service in Korea as most males ages 19-22 (of Korean nationality) will face in the country.

This 5-unit all-male group originated from Korea under SM Entertainment now has moved to Japan under the Rhythm Zone label (avex group) and has enjoyed a big fandom in East Asia, doing concerts in countries like China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

This wasn't the first time a Korean male celebrity was drafted into the military. The R&B group in Korea, G.O.D., had been drafted more than a year ago and has disbanded ever since. Shinhwa, another all-male group also from SM Entertainment had also been requested to serve but will enlist on 2008.

It has been discussed that if ever one of the members of TVXQ will have to render military service, the group plans to sign-up together. Some fans have also said that Hero Jaejoong, another member of the group, might not be required to render service because of a rule exempts the 'only son' of Korean families.

source: soompi

Friday, February 6, 2009

wonbin statement to Primadona

Dear Primadonna,
Hello, I am Wonbin of FT Island
Today, I would like to thank every one of you
I will never forget you all..... ^ - ^
I am so happy for the love you gave me but I have to leave (*Eyebrow*)
I will keep my smile for you all Eyebrow
Please love FT Island more OK? You must take care of your health too *Eyebrow*
Do not hate the one of the members ^ - ^
The group wish me the best for the work I intend to do *Eyebrow* for my health and happiness!!!!

FT Island members didn't angry of my leaving.
I didn't fight with any of the member either.
We are very close from one another and we love each other very much!!!
I didn't argue with others. Eyebrow*
The rumor which spreads among us that I have an argue with them is completely untrue.
We love each other very much!!
Please love FT Island continually OK!
Credit : wonbin & jaejin forum @, GUYS J4EJIN @, shiya @ fti-indo, opie_mino@fti-indo

hiks2..banyak yg rada ga terima dengan ini semua..tapi sebage pecinta five treasure harus tetep dukung!!!hohoho..

Song Seung Hyun-new personel from FTI

keren juga hehehehe...ckep seh..
ni keterangannya
After news of 5-member idol band FT Island guitarist Oh WonBin leaving the group, a new member has been found for the group to make 5 members - trainee Song Seung Hyun (18).

Following F&C Music on 29th January, new member Song Seung Hyun will join the group as guitarist and sub-vocal (including rap). Song Seung Hyun is also a flower-boy like the rest of the FT Island member with the height of 180 cm and weight 60kg.

FT Island will take on the image of the boyband of teenagers with the new member and comeback with a minialbum mid-February.

credit : sookyeong@wordpress


{MV} FT island - 나쁜 여자야 (Bad Woman) MV

new mv with new pernosel..hohoho
hmm rmbut ajejin knp jadi aneh ya...lbih kedewasaan jadi kyk bapak2 *this is my opinion*
mulai membiasakan diri buat new pernosel..heheheh
tetep semangat dan dukung ya!!!

Mnet super 100 pop idols 2009

Gd gradong to be no1..

Super Junior & SHINee: ★ GoldenBell `2

Super Junior & SHINee: ★ GoldenBell `2

credit:youtube lucu bgt.hehehehehe

SHINee Making of Reebok Jam Collection CF [50s]

SHINee Making of Reebok Jam Collection CF [50s]

credit: youtube..

wow..keren banget jonghyun hehehehe..pokoknya jonghyun..hehehehe
selain sepatunya tentunya..



beuh mereka kliatan ckep2..heheehehe

OST BOF - SHinee Full Version

ost Boys before flower-DOWNLOAD



huhuhu..bis couplenya seminggu kmren ultah..sekarang gantian uri leader yg ultah..hehehehe
I wish:
panjang umur
always forever in db
love cassie..
to be more good leader

DBSK Bolero-Album



Thursday, February 5, 2009

life on screen: eyton road

In contemporary performance the faculty of memory is often conceived of as an abode comprised of transparent and ever shifting partitions. Always elusive and forever sublime, each division of mental space is characterised by a transient image that conceals a second then a third image and so on... Involuntary memory receding into the back brain, uncovering the dark matter of the unconscious mind engaged in desperate dealings with a life lived in a Technocratic world. 

Talya Chalef & Andrew Gray's Eyton Road is a performance comprised of fragmented plasterboard upon which are projected images from the memories of 2 lives lived on 3 continents - Australia, Africa and Europe - and spanning several generations of each performer's family and their migratory origins. Displaced by war, prejudice, racial hatred and the search for an authentic Home, Chalef & Gray consider their own identities in relation to the forced upheaval of their forebears. With the potential for so much political terror and resulting grief circulating within and around each performer's personal history - the Holocaust, Mussolini's fascist Italy, Apartheid South Africa and the Jewish diaspora - there is an expectation that Eyton Road will grapple with the personal and political consequences of a world in crisis. But auto-performance is a difficult beast to master, and it is the perfomers themselves who must decide which aspect of a person's life can be concealed, or revealed. Understandably, self-censorship is a constant temptation... And this appears to be the case in Eyton Road.

Most intriguing about this work is an absence of all the above: no grief or fear, no terror or guilt, no expressions of love and hate or the human tendency toward eliciting hope from lives trapped within circumstances characterised by deep despair. Instead, the audience receives a tour of each performer's psyche; Chalef's search for her origins amidst feelings of displacement, Gray's stoic deflection of life's difficulties... Very safe, very general, and very, very secure. 

Even so, Chalef and Gray are traversing an exciting, if not difficult path. Eyton Road is a hybrid of projected image, sound, movement and text. It brings to the theatre a sensory interpretation of lives expressed via the multimedia form. La Mama in particular is to be congratulated for daring to grapple with new theatrical mediums that no longer rely solely upon text based modes of communication. 

There is a big show striving to burst forth from Eyton Road. What its creators need to do is return to the emotional impulses that gave rise to its initial conception, and grapple with that which disturbs them most about their personal histories. (We saw some of this grappling in Chalef's 2008 work In Other Words). Most importantly, auto-performance requires each performer reveal to their expecting audience the absolute terror that accompanies stripping yourself bare before a group of people who you will then have to confront in the courtyard post-show. Contrary to popular belief, this is what an audience expects from the theatre. A cruel and vicious dialectic this may be, but Eyton Road was at its most powerful when the audience experienced the emotional suffering of the performers; a suffering that is an essential characteristic of the personal made political, expressed via the medium of theatre. 

Eyton Road

Animateur: Talya Chalef

Performers: Talya Chalef & Andrew Gray

Light: Bromwyn Pringle

Sound: Jared Davis

Stage Manager: Pippa Wright

Dramaturge: Kelly Somes

La Mama, Melbourne, Feb. 4 - 15.

Masa - K-BOOTIE vol.1

Masa - K-BOOTIE vol.1
Release Date: September 8, 2008
Language: Korean, English, Japanese
Genre: Remix / Mash-up

01. Gimme TPL (Anyband vs. Britney Spears)
02. Hung Up Cinderella (Seo In Young vs. Madonna)
03. I Kissed A Hot-Go-Girl (Wonder Girls vs. Katy Perry vs. Lee Hyori & Natsun) (MV)
04. The U Way (Tohoshinki vs. Super Junior) (MV)
05. Love Cry (Son Dam Bi vs. Justin Timberlake & T.I.)
06. La La La Boomerang Show (Big Bang vs. TSZX The Grace vs. Kat DeLuna)
07. 2AM in the club (Rain vs. Bin)
08. One More Toxic Agent C (Jewelry vs. Ivy vs. Jolin Tsai vs. Britney Spears)
09. 10/10 Love (2PM vs. Hilary Duff) (MV)
10. Better Off Without PAPARAZZI (AJOO & Younha vs. Alice Deejay)

Bonus Track - the classic
11. Girls Yeah Top (BoA vs. Se7en vs. Usher)

to download:
• Individual links (4Shared) = DOWNLOAD
• Full album (.zip / ShareBee) = DOWNLOAD
credit MASA dan

DBSK - Mirotic / 2009 Electro Remix [Remix with Strings!]

credit. aliks


TVXQ gets SMAPed!
TVXQ will guest star on the Japanese television show SMAPxSMAP. SMAPxSMAP is a popular show which is hosted by one of Japan's biggest boy band's SMAP, who is under the Johnny's Entertainment label.

Although SMAP was one of the least popular Johnny's groups, members of the boy band were able to branch out into television and other activities, which launched them into stardom, especially Kimura Takuya and Nakai Masahiro. SMAP is now one of Japan's most popular and longest running idol bands, as they debuted in 1991 and are still going strong today. The grand fathers of Johnny's Entertainment, if you will. Anyway, fans of TVXQ are extremely excited about them guest starring on SMAP's television show, as this is an excellent opportunity for TVXQ to further promote themselves in Japan and this appearance may even allow them to compete against KAT-TUN, when they go head to head on March 11th, 2009, with their single "Survivor."

It seems TVXQ has been gaining ground in Japan. Just last year, TVXQ was virtually banned from Music Station, due to JE's monopoly over the pop scene, but now JE has invited them to guest star on their very own boy band's television show? Perhaps TVXQ will also be allowed on Music Station now to promote their upcoming single... we'll find out soon!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TVXQ "1st Idol Awards" No.1 in the Popular Votes

ChoSunNews | 2009.01.20 10:22

TVXQ number 1 in the popular vote for the "1st Idol Award" organized by

On the closing of the votation on the 19th of January TVXQ garnered a total 55,899 votes (36.5%) putting them ahead of Big Bang who received 40,792 votes (26.6%) . Super Junior with 33,132 votes (21.6%) were ranked at 3rd place, FT Island, SS501, SNSD, SHINee, Wonder Girls, 2PM, and 2AM follows afterwards.

In the past two weeks the popularity poll for the "1st Idol Award" had a congestion of traffic on the homepage and was down several times, showing that it obtained an explosive response from the fans.

The fierce voting between the two leading bands TVXQ and Big Bang's fans in particular was a heated competition.

Choosing the best idol group of our time , "Idol Awards" popular vote out of the 10 target groups the poll amounts to 60% while ChoSun reporters will deliberate on the remaining 40% to decide on the winner. Winners will be announced on the 23rd.

Source: + DNBN
Trans+credit: fangirlmitz

hwahahahaha...*ketawa bahagia*
emang db ga da matinya!!!
salah atu bukti eksistensimereka..