Thursday, December 30, 2010

RPG (Metanoia) - First Pinoy 3D Animated Movie!

After 10 years of ditching MMFF (metro manila film fest) movies, I finally gave the pinoy movie industry a chance.

Don't get me wrong, okay naman ang pinoy films, most feedbacks that i get are "uy napanood mo na yung ***, nakakatawa!", "nakakatawa sila ganito at ganun!" and "haha tuwang tuwa ako", yes The Usual Enteng Kabisote and Tanging Ina movies, COMEDY! and worst, may DRAMA pa minsan! christ! Yan ang palabas sa LOCAL TV araw araw!

I don't have any problem with supporting our own, ika nga "Pinoy Made" but compare the production of our movies to other countries, they spend YEARS in producing a movie, from making a script, storyboard, actual shooting and editing!

But here in the Philippines? uy Film Fest na sa December, may movie entry kayo? Yes meron, actually nag start na kami mag shoot last September! haha tatlong buwan.. diyos ko pong mahabagin... parang gumagawa lang ng teleserye!

The movie RPG Metanoia is action packed, from START to FINISH. It opens up with the story's main protagonist "Nico" who at that time is inside the world of an Online Game; METANOIA, fighting this three headed crossbreed between a hydra and a nutcracker (Hirap ba imagine?) Panoorin mo nalang kasi.

Well of course he defeats the monster and gets this special item which is supposed to give him "God Like" powers within the game... which ends up endangering everyone in the planet, not just online but also in Real Life.

There are moments in the film where some might actually think, "wow! another foreign movie that's Pinoy Dubbed?" palibhasa lahat nalang sa TV tinatagalog! Kahit DORA the explorer tagalog na, tapos mag rereklamo kayo ANG HIRAP MAG ENGLISH! Your top 100% free source of learning and familiarizing yourself to ENGLISH, tinagalog pa! But what can we do, in order to earn big, TV Networks have to target "The MASSES / General Public / known locally as ang MASA", and sad to say, hirap mag ingles/english "ang MASA" at hindi sila manonood ng hirap sila intindihin (unless Koreano mga iyan! oo sawa na tayo sa Marimar and the likes, Korea-novelas naman).

Yes, the movie looks good! and those who are not familiar with well known 3D animations might actually think it was made abroad and was just dubbed for Pinoy Viewers.

Just a quick fact, it took "5 years" to make this movie.

If you've experienced Playing Online Games (online games ha! hindi farmville at plants vs zombies! buset!) and loves to watch Pixar and Dreamworks films, this movie is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Also to Parents whose kids are playing computer games round the clock, this movie has a GREAT LESSON in store for your kiddos!

Calling out to those former and still active RAGNAROK ONLINE Players! I'm sure you guys will be able to relate to this movie and appreciate it, actually by this time baka napanood nyo na!

Sound quality is also great! HINDI MONO!!! its in Stereo!!! HALLELUJAH! When a character speaks and goes to the right side of the screen or even off camera, the sound

moves as well from left to right! MARVELOUS! hahaha kaya at possible naman pala eh! Pambihira bakit ngayon lang!!!

The only negative feedback that I can probably give is with the voice acting, they could've acquired better voice actors, but then again, if you're already satisfied with the voice acting of our pinoy dubbed animes, then you won't have any problems. I just got used to watching Animes (in japanese) with english subtitles, that's why I can't help but compare the feeble voice acting quality here against those awesome voice actors in japan.

Support pinoy 3D Animation and watch this movie! We may not be as good as Pixar or Dreamworks but WE DEFINITELY HAVE A CHANCE and WILL SURELY GET THERE! You'll realize this after you see this movie!

For the first time in my life, I'm BUYING AN ORIGINAL DVD! And it will be a DVD of this PINOY MOVIE, "RPG: METANOIA".

Where pinoys broke the barrier between Local and World Class 3D Animation. The very first 100% PINOY made full length 3D ANIMATION Movie, and mind you, it DOESN'T SUCK!!! Definitely WORTH BUYING!

If you have the extra cash, show your support and get the DVD! This will surely be a collector's item as time goes by. ;)

Good Job ABS-CBN STAR CINEMA and AMBIENT MEDIA for producing a QUALITY movie!

Another superb year has passed, onwards to another great year with Better things in life to come! =)

Pictures Copyright by ABS-CBN STAR CINEMA.

Prank call gone HORRIBLY wrong -- adultery!

Even though cheating sucks in real life, it's sometimes fun to laugh at other people's pain. So, here is a prank phone call that goes horribly wrong when a young wife calls her husband to prank him on a radio show to prank him for Kanye West tickets by telling him that her son isn't his. You'll just have to listen to find out how this one ends.

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Bicycle Joke: More Mexican or More Jewish

A little boy walks up to his sister one day and asks, "Sis, am I more Mexican or more Jewish?"

The sister responds, "I don't know. Ask Mom."

Next, the little boy asks his mom," Am I more Mexican or more Jewish?"

The mother replies, "I'm not sure. Ask Dad."

Finally, the little boy poses the question to his father, "Am I more Mexican or more Jewish?"

The dad says, "I'm not sure son. Why do you ask?"

The little boy shot back, "Well, a friend of mine has a bike that I want. I want to know if I am more Mexican or more Jewish so that I know whether to steal the bike or to Jew him down to five dollars and buy it."

Cute Jewish Girl

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Premier League World (New Year Special) - 30 December 2010

Dec 30 2010 - English - HTTPmotd2u.blogspot.comSIZE:200 MB | RESOLUTION:640x480This episodes reviews the season so far in various aspects-a trip down memory lane,season so far,great players,memorable moments,manager interviews,important matches and player gaffe`s.Download

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Serie A Matchday 17 Highlights Show

Serie A - Matchday 17 - English - HTTP Download

UTES ARE MOVIN' ON UP!!! -- Song & Music

Being a Utah Utes fan, I thought that I would post this video (Jeffersons style) as a way to say goodbye to BYU and all of the unpleasant things that come with that school. BYU -- enjoy your time as an "independent" :) I'm sure that my Utes will enjoy their time in the Pac 12 :P

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What is an alternative to

Tweeting bird, derived from the initial 't' of...Image via Wikipedia
One of the best Twitter tool websites to crop up in the last few years is -- a site that allowed users to follow and unfollow other Twitter accounts with ease. However, Twitter changed their terms of use agreement and effectively shut down the free part of the service, changing into a pay-to-use site. Here, I tell you two alternative websites to replace the functionality of -- both of which are free.

1. This site allows users to follow other Twitter accounts in a highly accessible and user friendly format. This is the tool to take over the following part of

2. This site allows users to unfollow Twitter accounts that don't follow them back. This site takes over the unfollowing part of

I hope that this helps :)

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Match Of The Day - Wednesday 29 December 2010

motd2u.blogspot.comAspect Ratio......: 16:9 | Resolution: 688x384 | FPS.......: 25.000 | Video Codec: XviDVideo Bitrate: 1300 kb/s | Audio Bitrate: 128kb/s - CBR | Language: English.Man City v Aston Villa : Download | Mirror1 | Mirror2Stoke v Fulham : Download | Mirror1 | Mirror2Sunderland v Blackpool : Download | Mirror1 | Mirror2Tottenham v Newcastle : Download | Mirror1 | Mirror2West Brom v

Two Absolutely Essential Tools to Mass Follow in Twitter

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase
One of the best ways to make sure that the word gets out about your product or website is to use Twitter to constantly tweet out updates to legions of eager followers. The best way to get these followers is through "mass following" and "mass unfollowing" users from the millions of active Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, Twitter has recently closed down a lot of the loopholes and websites that made doing this a cinch. Fortunately for you, they missed a couple of websites along the way. Click to read more about two essential websites that will allow you to grow your Twitter account by mass following and unfollowing. Hurry, before Twitter closes these websites down too!

1. This is one of the last of the type websites where a user can log on and generate a quick and extensive list of users to follow en masse. The interface is clean and simple enough to make mass following and unfollowing; although, the website owners are currently updating to a beta version to make the user interface even more appealing. The website also offers mass unfollowing capabilities, but I really prefer the second website for this purpose.

2. This website is like a godsend for anyone looking to mass unfollow Twitter accounts (or even just to clean up the deadbeats on a regular account who won't follow back). The load times for loading even as many as 15,000 followers, the number on my @FutureTwitBlog account, are only a few seconds with a high speed internet account. Better yet, the site will rank the nonfollowers in terms of the accounts who have gone the longest without following back -- a great tool for making sure that you don't accidentally unfollow recently followed Twitter acounts by mistake -- before they have an adequate chance to follow back.

Using these two tools should make mass following and unfollowing on Twitter easier than ever. I personally have been able to add thousands of new users to my Twitter account @FutureTwitBlog by using these tools by doing using these websites in my spare time. Good luck in your mass following endeavors on Twitter.

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EPL MOTD - Wednesday 29 December 2010

motd2u.blogspot.comMOTD Highlights With interviews and analysisAspect Ratio : 16:9 | Resolution: 688x384 | FPS : 25.000 | Video Codec: XviDVideo Bitrate: 1300 kb/s | Audio Bitrate: 128kb/s - CBR | Language: English. Chelsea v Bolton : Download | MirrorWigan v Arsenal : Download | MirrorLiverpool v Wolverhampton : Download | Mirror

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five Pictures of Sexy Girls in a Halter Top

Are you looking for some sexy pics of a girl in a halter top to steal for your website or for your own amusement? Well, you've come to the right place then! In this post, you'll find lots of pics of sexy girls in halter tops, all gleaned from a really lazy image search in Google. I hope that you enjoy your halter top pics as much as the rest of the guys who will visit my site en masse do. So, get ready for pictures of cute, sweet, nice girls in cutoffs and halter tops. Don't think that I can say halter top again? You're right.

1. Cute  girl in a black halter top:

She's cute, she's in leather, she's in a halter top, and she's waiting for you . . . and by waiting, I mean that she doesn't know you exist.

2. Black haired girl in button halter top:

Look, her button is about to pop off. Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it . . . you just missed it. (Secret: if you stare at her pic for an hour straight, her button might pop off).

3.  Young lady in a white halter with a spaghetti strap:

Here is a test to see if you're straight or gay. Cover up the pic above and then tell me what the pattern on the fabric covering her left breast is. If you know the answer, you're probably gay.

4. Motor cycle chick in a black cutoff:

Would you like to get on the back of a motorcycle with her? Well, if you did, she'd make you a punk for her boyfriend. So, you'd better not.

5. Lady in swim suit halter and straw hat:

What the hell else am I supposed to say? It's a girl in a halter top. Look at her, don't, whatever. I don't care.

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